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It’s hard to get a good quality Liquor with affordable price.
If you are looking for a great drinking experience in a great price, we bring them to you.
All legal 100% guaranteed original alcoholic drinks with Indonesian Tax Label. So check it out!

Download Price List here (.pdf format)

Scotch & Whisky Price Rp  
Chivas Regal 12 y.o (750ml) 385.000,00
Chivas Regal 18 y.o (750ml) 625.000,00
Chivas Regal 21 y.o ‘Royal Salute’ (750ml) 1.300.000,00
Chivas Regal 38 y.o ‘Royal Salute DeStiny’ (750ml) 7.200.000,00
Gentelman Jack (750ml) 575.000,00
J.W Black Label (4,5l) 3.000.000,00
J.W Black Label (750ml) 400.000,00
J.W Blue Label (750ml) 1.700.000,00
J.W Gold Label (750ml) 625.000,00
J.W Green Label (750ml) #TO SET#
J.W Red Label (750ml) 285.000,00
Jack Daniel’s (750ml) 350.000,00
Macallan 18 (750ml) #TO SET#
Brandy & Cognac Price Rp  
Henessy V.S.O.P (750ml) 625.000,00
Henessy X.O (750ml) 1.700.000,00
Martell Cordon Bleu (1000ml) 1.680.000,00
Martell V.S.O.P (700ml) 575.000,00
Martell X.O (700ml) 1.650.000,00
Remy Martin (750ml) 575.000,00
Liquor Price Rp  
Baileys Original (750ml) 335.000,00
Bols Apricot (750ml) 250.000,00
Bols Blue Curacao (750ml) 250.000,00
Bols Cherry Brandy (750ml) 250.000,00
Bols Dry Orange Curacao (750ml) 250.000,00
Bols Peppermint Green (750ml) 250.000,00
Bols Peppermint White (750ml) 250.000,00
Bols Triple Sec (750ml) 250.000,00
Cointreau (750ml) 350.000,00
Kahlua (750ml) 350.000,00
Midori (750ml) 350.000,00
Sheridan (750ml) 615.000,00
Gin Price Rp  
Bombay Saphire (750ml) 350.000,00
Gordon’s (750ml) 275.000,00
Tequila Price Rp  
Jose Cuervo Tequila (750ml) 250.000,00
Bourbon Price Rp  
Jim Beam (50ml) 50.000,00
Jim Beam (750ml) 300.000,00
Vodka Price Rp  
Absolute Vodka original (750ml) 275.000,00
Bear Hug all Flavour (1000ml) 500.000,00
Crystal Head Vodka (750ml) 1.000.000,00
Fashion Vodka 475.000,00
Grey Goose original (750ml) 475.000,00
Smirnoff original(750ml) 250.000,00
Rum Price Rp  
Bacardi (750ml) 275.000,00
Cocktail Price Rp  
Martini(rosso, ekstra dry, bianco) (750ml) 325.000,00
Wine Price Rp  
Wine jacobs creek ‘red’ 230.000,00
Wine jacobs creek chardonay ‘white’ 250.000,00
Wine livingstone 230.000,00
Wine carlo rossi ‘red’ 230.000,00
Wine carlo rossi ‘white’ 250.000,00
Wine la motte ‘shiraz / milenium’ 450.000,00
Wine leopard’s leap ‘shiraz / cabarnet sauvignon’ 400.000,00
Wine lambrusco academia 250.000,00
Wine lambrusco balini 275.000,00
Wine fragolino bottega ‘red’ 300.000,00
Wine moscato bottega ‘white’ 300.000,00
Port wine cockburns 425.000,00
Wine two ocen 325.000,00
Ice wine iniskilin 1.000.000,00
Peter vela wine 5L 650.000,00

Interested? For more Information just add any of the Blackberry Pins listed below.
Kita juga jual per lusin dengan harga yang sangat menarik untuk Cafe, Resseler, dll.

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Place an order:
⇒ Fill in the form below – or – Add any Blackberry Pin
⇒ Choose what you want to buy.
⇒ Order it. You will get the order confirmation from us.
⇒ Pay it, than we deliver it to you.

Cara pengiriman:
⇒ Cash on Delivery (COD), waktu dan tempat sesuai perjanjian
⇒ TIKI/JNE (Jabodetabek), catatan: harus transfer LUNAS terlebih dahulu
⇒ Luar Jabodetabek kiriman menggunakan jasa ekspedisi, catatan: minimal pemesanan 6 botol
* biaya kirim ditanggung pembeli

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Happy Drinking! Prost!